Biochem supports
Wolgast Remedial School / East Pomerania

The project is much more than a pure donor-recipient relationship
Partnership initiated in 1998

The remedial school is a tasteless, slab-type construction, which would probably have had to close if something had not been done about its basic equipment. Children who need better prospects, simply because of their often highly problematic family situation and an unemployment level of up to 30%, are here taught under conditions which are far removed from corresponding support and education.

Biochem annually provides not only the major part of the funds for the remedial school, which are used for the support of charitable projects.
No, we have made it our task regularly to draw the attention of the Ministry of Culture in Mecklenburg/ Vorpommern and the district of Ostvorpommern to the social injustices in Wolgast. This will hopefully give rise to serious considerations about making the corresponding investments, in order to create favourable learning and support conditions, and thereby counteract the emergence of such deprived areas.

  • Where are the teaching aids for all the pupils means stimulating activity and play materials?
  • Exercise therapy / sports hall?
  • Where are the necessary trained special teachers?

In co-ordination with the remedial school, we manage tenders and carry out price comparisons for various projects.

Since the project is being supported by the complete workforce, the complete staff made an excursion in 2001 and again in 2005 to Wolgast, in order to form an on-the-spot impression of how the funds provided were being used. It was impressive to see what had been achieved so far through our support alone!

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